Microsoft Edge is the latest web browser released by Microsoft, available for Windows 10. It offers fast, secure and reliable performance, with features like tracking prevention, built-in password manager as well as support for 4K streaming services and extensions from the Microsoft Store. You can download official free version of Microsoft Edge on this page.

Boasting a simplistic layout, the browser is designed to ensure smooth navigation between tabs. Additionally, it uses less memory compared to other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox which makes it ideal for multitasking. Microsoft Edge also integrates seamlessly with Windows 10 devices providing an uninterrupted browsing experience that does not require any additional plugins or add-ons. Moreover, its new Collections feature allows users to save important images or information from different websites in one place for easy access later on.

This browser also offers enhanced security features such as Windows Defender SmartScreen which protects you from malicious downloads and phishing scams. Furthermore, the browser includes InPrivate mode which prevents your browsing history, cookies and other data from being stored on your PC or device. It also supports biometric authentication for added protection of your account information.

With all these features in place, Microsoft Edge ensures that you can browse safely without worrying about online threats.